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What is a Ballscrew ?

A ball screw is one of the most sustainable drive system for a CNC Machine. The Ballscrew provides great Tension on high speeds. The screw is running in ball bearings, which circulate around the screw. It´s high Efficiency is reson enough for the CNC Milling Branch to build on this System.  more infos

Ball Screw Units

200mm - 3000mm

Linear Guide Rails

Innovation & Automatisation

Control System

Nema 13 Motors Closed Loop

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Linear Bearing
We are going to show you how to make a Vortex Fire Glass Tube including Drawings and a Part-List Download, you can easy rebuild this Vortex Feuerrohr with some Tech. & Welding Skills, simply watch our Video Combined with the Text DIY here and you will succeed quickly.  visit our shop for more Ballscrew | linear Motion Systems | DIY CNC Tutorials and more..
Why a Copper Wire Stripping Machine ? Looking for a quick and convenient Solutions to get rid of our Precious Metal Copper with the best Profit.In this quick Tutorial, we will show and demonstrate how to make a small Automatic Wire Stripping machine to remove insulation from copper wires.